6 inexpensive ways to transform your bedroom!


1. Reposition your bed.

- Believe it or not, repositioning your bed can make a huge difference. For example, the placement of your bed determines how much extra space you'll have. If you have limited space in your room, another option is to loft your bed.

2. Switch out small accents.
- Switching around rugs, pillows, and/or blankets can totally update your room. This is also an easy way to change the color scheme of your room. It doesn't get any easier than that!

3. Rearrange your décor!
- Look at your artwork, pictures and other room decorations and switch them up between different rooms. This is fun to do seasonally!

4. Light up the room!
- String lights, photo clip firefly string lights, and neon effect signs are all unique replacements for lamps! You can buy them on Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Michaels, and pretty much any craft store.

5. Change the Curtains.
- Different styling, designs, and color curtains will make a statement in your room. If you're looking for more of a modern appeal, simple blinds are an alternative option.

6. Add a statement mirror.
- Putting a mirror adjacent to a window catches the light, which can make a room feel a lot bigger and brighter. Not to mention, different style mirrors are great accessories!


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