HOA Pros And Cons!


A Home Owners Association, also known as an HOA, certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. This helpful guide can help you weigh out the Pro’s and Con’s.

1. Pro: Access to Amenities! -Neighborhoods with HOA’s typically offer amenities such as pools, clubhouses, playgrounds, and or fitness centers.

2. Con: HOA Fee’s. - Although HOA fees vary, you are obligated to pay a certain amount annually, or monthly.

3. Pro: Home Owners Associations handle neighbor disputes. – For instance, if your neighbor is having a loud party but you don’t feel comfortable asking them to turn the music down, the Home Owners Association will contact them for you.

4. Con: HOA’s can cause limits on your home. – The HOA may set standards for the residents on where to park their car, paint color, decorations, etc.

5. Pro: HOA’s help the appearance of your community. – Guidelines on mowing the lawn, paint colors, cleaning the pool etc. will help your neighborhood look presentable which in result, will add value to your home.

6. Con: List of pre-set rules. – Living in a neighborhood with an HOA has guidelines that you must follow. If you disagree with a rule, you have the ability to express your opinion and try to petition the HOA to change any rule.


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