Hurricane Season Preparations!


Annual Hurricane Season takes place from June 1st through November 30th. The National Hurricane Center has predicted a near or above normal 2018 season.

Use these helpful tips to get ready for the season and reduce unnecessary stress!

1. Develop a plan! - Make sure you and your family have an emergency evacuation plan. Know where to go and be aware of the evacuation routes.
2. Consider purchasing flood insurance.
3. Have tools and supplies easily accessible.
- Plastic utensils, paper plates and cups.
- Batteries
- Flashlight
- Food and Water
- First Aid Kit
- Toilet Paper
- Garbage Bags
- Personal Hygiene Items
- Keep all possessions and documents in a waterproof container! (This includes but is not limited to: insurance policies, contracts, deeds, passports, social security cards, bank account information, expensive jewelery, etc.)

For more information visit :

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Palm Beach County Hurricane Preparedness

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