Tips and Tricks for a Successful Home Showing!


Top Tips for a Successful Home Showing!

1. Light Up the House
- When showing a home, natural light is the best light. Keep the curtains open! In addition to sunlight, turn on the lights in every room of the house.

- Do I need to state the obvious? Nobody will find a dirty home appealing. Make sure to vacuum, sweep, dust, AND clear the clutter! Clutter makes a house appear smaller so packing up things you don't need ahead of time can definitely make it a lot easier to get your home ready for a showing.

3. Adjust the Thermostat!
- Keep the temperature at a happy medium - not too hot, but not too cold. When it's hot out, set the thermostat between 70-74 degrees. When it's cold out, set the thermostat between 72-76 degrees.

4. Pay attention to appearance.
- Stage your home with seasonal décor.
- Boost your curb appeal by mowing the lawn, planting flowers, and power washing the walkways.
- Light the fireplace (if you have one), turn on soft music, and add small accents such as champagne glasses, flowers, or fruit bowls to create a mood.

5. Give Buyers their Space.
- Leave the house while the potential buyers are looking around. Nobody feels comfortable discussing a home in front of the sellers. Give them their space and leave the showing up to your Real Estate Agent.


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