Elissa Urquiaga
Real Estate Consultant
Elissa Urquiaga
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Daughter of a successful developer and seasoned South Florida Realtor, one can say that the passion for real estate runs through Elissa's veins. She truly enjoys every aspect of being a real estate agent; from admiring the unique architectural styles and features a home offers, to making sure every detail of the contract is executed correctly all while educating the Buyer/Seller/Renter. She consistently thrives by providing her clients with the needed technical and creative expertise required when operating a successful real estate deal. Elissa's love for real estate also stems from her personal success as a real estate investor. She has a keen eye for seeing the potential in properties and loves to assist her clients in capturing the vision as well. With exceptional interpersonal skills, Elissa makes the real estate process as seamless as possible and eloquently engages with her colleagues and clients.