Kenny Branco
Real Estate Consultant
Kenny Branco
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Kenny Branco was born and raised in South Florida and comes from a Brazilian background, speaking fluently in both English and Portuguese. One thing that has drawn him into the real estate industry is the variations of different properties that can be experienced, all of which having their own unique characteristics, as well as styles and even historical backgrounds. Another perk that caught Kenny’s attention when entering the real estate industry is the ability to help others find their ideal home, which goes back to his background in working in the medical field and personal training field, both helping others achieve their personal goals.

Several of his hobbies include physical fitness, gaming, boxing, martial arts, stock market trading, and spending time with his family, which includes his wife, two beautiful dogs (German Shepherd & a Labrador Retriever), and one clever tabby cat.

Some fun facts about Kenny Branco is that he could survive off of eating tacos for the rest of his life if he had to choose one dish, he dislikes the beach even though he has lived in Florida his entire life (and doesn’t want to leave), and he has only experienced one trip on a cruise so far, but would love to go on more!