Monika Wojnakowska
Real Estate Consultant
Monika Wojnakowska
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Monika was born and raised in Poland. Having lived in 4 different countries prior to settling in Florida more than 20 years ago she speaks fluently a few languages including her native Polish, English, French and Swedish.
Monika is a full-time realtor with more than a decade of experience ready to assist you with your next real estate transaction. Monika prides herself on her ability to listen to her client's requests and connect them with opportunities that best match their needs. Additionally, she is well known for returning phone calls, texts, and emails promptly to ensure a responsive and personable service to each of her clients. Her years of experience as a realtor have exposed Monika to many different scenarios in which she has professionally assisted her clients through the process of buying or selling a home.

Outside of real estate, Monika enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends, and two cats, power walking on the beach, working out, and yoga.