4 Building Security Considerations Before Buying Your Next Condo

4 Home Security Factors to Consider Before Buying a CondoAccording to the FBI, over a million burglaries occur per year in the U.S. How can you ensure that your home is protected and avoid becoming a statistic? You might think high-rise condos offer impenetrable security—after all, you’re so high up, who could break in? However, no matter where you live, preparation is the best form of prevention.

By ensuring your condo building or apartment complex takes full security precautions, you can have peace of mind for years to come. Keep reading to learn about four security measures to consider before buying a condo or renting an apartment.​

Why Is Security Important?

Protecting your home and valuables is crucial. While home insurance might reimburse theft, there’s no guarantee you will get your money back. Moreover, the mental anguish that a burglary can cause is not to be downplayed. Your home is your safe space and most valuable asset, so you should protect it the best you can.

In addition, if you’re purchasing a rental property as part of your next investment portfolio, ensuring the best home security systems are in place will help secure good tenants. Enhancing your security systems will reassure future tenants of their safety. You won’t need to worry about rental vacancies with trusting, happy tenants. Therefore, you can make the most of your investment returns.​

So, when you’re looking to buy a new condo, check for the following security features.

Check for Access Control Systems

Apartment and condo complexes differ across the U.S. However, your new apartment must have adequate security. Access control systems are the first line of defense. Does your new apartment have a residential access control system? Access control ensures that only the right people can enter the building.

With modern security advances, cloud-based systems ensure that guests can only enter certain building areas. For example, your access credentials might mean you can only go to a specific floor. Therefore, no one should be where they shouldn’t be. Furthermore, this minimizes unnecessary contact, reducing the risk of disease transmission.

​Touchless door access controls allow residents to access their units only. At the same time, video security systems ensure that only authorized people can enter the building.

Parking Lots and Garage Security

​Your home security should go beyond the apartment itself. What about garages and parking lots? These areas are common places for petty crimes—they’re usually dark and shadowy. Ensure security camera features are monitoring the garage or parking lot.

Integrated cloud-based security systems can alert personnel about threats in real-time. Therefore, on-site security teams can respond to threats instantly. Some advanced technology systems can even use on-site audio to intercept security risks.

Check Locks and Windows

Burglary statistics show that almost 30% of burglaries are through unlocked doors and windows. One of the best ways to significantly increase apartment security is to ensure all the doors and windows to your unit are secure. Additional features, like peepholes, chain locks, key codes, remote unlocking, and cameras, can secure your apartment from unwanted visitors.

Even if your apartment is on the top floor of a high-rise condo, it’s not 100% secure. Check your windows are secure from the outside. Make sure you speak to the building’s management team about how often keys and key codes are updated.

Security of Common Areas

Finally, check the common areas of your apartment complex. Does it have a visitor check-in at the front desk, or can anyone wander in as they please? Shared amenities might include gardens, lounges, pools, gyms, or laundry areas. Yet, these facilities might attract outsiders.

Check whether the property managers have implemented security measures in communal areas, such as security cameras and access control.

How Can You Improve Your Home Security?

Home security is not just down to the apartment managers. It’s also your responsibility to ensure that your apartment is tightly secure. Installing home security systems, including your own cameras and alarms, are essential steps to protect your apartment and its valuables. Other ways to improve your apartment security:​

  • Make sure you rigorously check that your doors and windows are closed and locked. Double-check your locks when you leave your apartment, even if you’re only popping out for a minute.
  • Make friends with your neighbors. Getting others to keep an eye on your apartment is a great way to ensure its safety when you’re not there. It works both ways; you can also look out for their apartment’s safety.

Put Security First When Buying a Condo

Whether you're buying or renting a condo, you want it to be as secure and safe as possible. Make sure you check all security measures with the property managers. Ask them about their access control systems and how they protect communal areas. With today’s advanced technology, there is no excuse for lax security.

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