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Laurie Reader Commercial Real Estate was founded to meet the demand in the market for reliable transparent service.  We are taking the 5 star customer service skills that we apply in our residential business to save time and increase your wealth. We know that your expectation is to have a knowledgeable, reliable and accessible commercial real estate consultant working for you and that is exactly what our goal is for every transaction!

What kind of services do we offer?

Owner User

Lease: Gather needed information, locate, facilitate relocation.

Purchase: Gather needed information, prove benefit of ownership vs. leasing, help educate and locate proper zoning for business, help with permits if needed, help get C/O from cities.

Portfolio Diversification

Meet and understand current portfolio;  analyze risks after assessment; placement in safe cap purchases.

Wealth Management

Analyze investments and capital gains in real estate and compare the potential profits and benefits.

Income Replacement

It is very important to educate our clients, especially those with commission-based incomes.  We will take all the time needed to show how simple, relatively inexpensive investments can add up to a future, long term-built portfolio. We help clients have a steady, reliable monthly income, and build retirement portfolios.

Site selection

For those looking to develop we can locate and help purchase proper site(s) to build what is needed.  Depending on the type of development we can assist in lease management prior to and after the completion of the site.

There are so many more aspects to commercial real estate. Reach out to us today and let’s talk about your goals!

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